Few people think that it is worth unvesting money into promoting health in the workplace, although  according to EU studies by minimising workplace health risks in Hungary we could save 400-500 billion HUF. Beyond profits, however, the main goal of workplace health initiatives is the enhancing of the physical and mental wellbeing and the motivation of the workers. Healthy workers are happier and that has positive effects on the firm in general, as people need sick-leave less frequently, and they are more effective when working. It has a positive effect on society, too: workers are more healthy at home, they are likely to motivate their own family to take better care of themselves. It is also important, that as they are ill less frequently, the costs of their medication for the state are lower. 1 Euro invested into workplace health improvements costs about 4 Euros to return.
(Source: FigyelőNet)
So it is true, that in the long run it is profitable to invest into human health. Széchenyi Health Center aims at promoting mental and physical well-being. We believe that it is not enough to become healthy – it is also very important to preserve it! Our Center helps to reach harmony and happiness by the means of both Western and Eastern medicine.


I. Western style health preservation

To preserve health is easier than to cure illnesses!

Fatigue and apathy are frequently arising problems with everyone from time to time which can be handled fairly easily.

When the first symptoms appear, it is neccessary to do:

I.1. Psychological testing

One can be effectively diagnosed by special testing.

Our suggested method is to combine Rorschach and Szondi tests as there is no need for the testing of the entire personal-mental setup, but only to detect fatique, apathy, lack of motivation and stress, as well as to find therapy designed for the patient.

Preliminary general testing is recommended in case of every worker because initial problems cannot be seen otherwise; the more serious ones, however, call for medical help.

General diagnostic testing does not require any other means but a room where the interviews can be made.

I.2. Recreation

I.2.1. Relaxation, autogen training

AUTOGEN TRAINING: What it is good for? How does this form of SELF-HELP affect us through systematically done exercises?
A. T. gives us a method by which we can rule and normalize our own mental state and physical functioning according to actual needs. So this way one can obtain:

- elimination of stress for a longer period  (without medication or consummation of alcohol);
- a blissful state of tranquility in hard times and conflicts;
- a more effective way of resting – falling asleep is easier, waking up on time can be planned;
- higher achievements both mentally and physically; the body becomes more resistant facing the flu or other contaminations; emotional dysharmony decreases; one becomes stronger and the person is less prone to develop psychosomatic disorders; psysical functioning becomes reliably regular.
- Social contacts become more natural (psycho-sociological risks decrease), intimacy is enhanced.


Special forms of autogen training is taught by Széchenyi Center, so A. T. can be exercised at home, without help after a while, and it will mean an effective way to improve one’s health.

Training can be done either individually or in groups.

The learning process requiers 15 minutes on six occasion. There is an additional 5 minutes lecture on the first occasion. The relaxation itself is 10-12 minutes which of course can be repeated individually at home, in the office, during travel – even in a parking place.

I. 2.2. Burnout training

It’s aim is to detect the symptoms of different burnout states (boredom, fatique, hopelessness, apathy) and to cure them in order to enhance and increase mental energies.

It prevents even the possibility of losing positive attitudes towards work caused by constant stress and tiredness. It helps restore the feeling of hopefulness and competence.

Therapy is done in groups.
Duration is 20 hours.
The size of a group is 10-15 persons.
Required facilities: a single room with the required number of chairs.

We teach the individual application of that training, too.

II. Health services according to traditional Chinese medicine

II.1. Massage, different massage techniques and revitalizing exercises (chi gong)

Bureau massage

Bureau massage is aimed at relaxing those muscles and joints which are especially stressed when sitting by the desk for a longer time. It has a favourable effect ont he general state as well as increases efficiency at work.

Time required: 15 minutes.
Location of therapy:  the workplace.
Then again we teach the massage of certain points that can be done individually by the person.

Chi gong

These revitalising Chinese exercises present a technique of renaissance in a simple way. It has a major refreshing effect, and it also increases the ability of coping with stress and enables people to work more efficiently. It does not require any facilities; it can be done in normal outfit.

Time required: 15 minutes.

We also teach individual applications.

II.2. Therapy against smoking

Based on our 17-year-old experience, we offer a unique method against smoking involving  on one hand auricular therapy (ear acupuncture with an internationally known and effective American 5-point combination, NADA) and on the other psychological training. Detoxication and the harmonizing of the vegetative nervous system is being done according to Western style medicine, meanwhile from the Chinese viewpoint we eliminate energetic dysharmony.

II.3. Training against stress

 It is ear acupuncture with special needles, but is can also be done as acupressure with kernels of medicinal herbs or as soft laser therapy without any pain. The aim of the therapy is the same as that of the anti-smoking one: harmonizing the vegetative nervous system. Our 17-year-old practice accumulated a considerable number of personal experience. Patients spoke mainly about a sense of utter tranquility, the incoming of the „world peace” as a result of the therapy. People, for example medical agents, students of medicine who took part in long meetings after a NADA 5-point therapy session had similar experiences as quoted:
’At the end of the tiresome day I felt much better than I normally used to after such intensive mental work, so it felt much less tiring’.

II.4. Measuring the energy level

The Chinese discovered more than 4000 years ago than all disorders can be related to a disturbed state of energy levels and that state can be measured in the energy channels, i. e. meridians. The so-called Chi circulating through those channels are controlled and directed by the opposing but synergic polar forces, Yin and Yang. Our mental and physical equilibrium is ensured by the right rate of the two, that is their own equilibrium. If the harmony is broken, illnesses occur. If there is a surplus of Yang, the emerging illnesses are characterized by a surplus of energies, a certain abundance and hyperfunctioning.

Measuring requires 10 minutes and a laptop combined with a small monitoring device. The computer also processes data and recommends therapies.


Our services are being applied just now by a firm of 800 people. Here are some views:

’The four-five day method of stress management was effective for me.’

’It was super that acupuncture was done here, locally, and I did not have to go somewhere else in my lunchtime.’

’For me it was definitely positive. I tried the method because I had not known it. I thought it would be a good possibility to get to know it. After the first day I was so much relaxed and somehow positively tired, that I had great difficulties not to fall asleep. That night I was sleeping especially well which was not the case earlier.’

’It was marvellous and I was glad to have the opportunity to take part. The effects were very positive.’

’The piercing of my soul’s gate point induced tranquility and at the same time an interesting sensation of bubbling and sparkling. Consequently my office presentation was a success, and in the next days I could cope much better, without superfluous emotional storms. Meanwhile I was focused and creative.’