"Dear István, we are very happy to have met you. You have helped us a lot. We appreciate you showing us this kind of treatment ( ear acupuncture). We are eagerly looking forward to learning from you. Hopefully, you will come back for a longer time next time and be able to help more people. With love, Marci and Marcsi."
"I no longer have that terribly strong pain, and I trust that it will continue to improve. My beloved accompanies every moment of mine that he freed me from the unbearable pain. I'm very grateful that he sacrificed his time and kindness for me. Such kind-hearted people as he is very rare.
I wish him good health from the bottom of my heart.
With love and gratitude, Agnes Nagy Danco."
"(...) I also would like to thanks Dr Istvan to cued my shoulder had been pain for many many years! I will highly recommend him to every one! Wishing you all the best for incoming future!God bless you. Amen.
Kind regards,
Soen Chen"
"I got a herniated disc in Hungary two weeks before our return. I received a lidocaine, cortisone, and steroid injection into my spine, as well as a lidocaine infusion, but I was in immense pain. We went to see Doctor Széchenyi. He listened to me and then began inserting long needles into my left ear. When he finished, he asked me how I felt. I can honestly say that almost all of my pain disappeared, except for some in my ankle. He put in another needle, and the pain in my ankle disappeared too! I didn't cry anymore that day. The next day, the pain came back, but it was much weaker. If I had received another treatment, I'm sure he could have fixed it.
I'm looking forward to him finishing the treatment in February. My partner had pain in his shoulder. Doctor Széchenyi also inserted long needles into his ear, and the pain immediately disappeared and didn't come back!" Gyöngyi Horváth, AUZMUSZ organizer
"As a long-term chronic nerve pain sufferer and admitted acupuncture skeptic, I can only say that my experience with Dr. Széchenyi was outstanding. I'd had one other experience with "battlefield acupuncture" and it was enough to make me want to experience what a professional could do. Dr. Széchenyi has a fantastic bedside manner and explained what he was doing and provided helpful reports based on his examination. The acupuncture itself was quick and efficient. The results speak for themselves. I had significantly reduced levels of pain within a few hours which lasted for many weeks. Several months later, there are still positive effects. Dr. Széchenyi is truly a master of his craft.
Michael Clark, colonel, USA"
Excerpt from the issue 1994/22 of the newspaper named „Kiáltás” (Shout): „Drop hollows stone”
"There were addicts  (alcohol addicts, heavy smokers, etc.), patients with vision problems, blind persons treated by the conducting of a psychologist, István Széchenyi during a five-weeks long training in the summer in the ” Dripstone Club”  of  the ”Rational Life Fundation” – which was founded for the sake of patients with vision problems. Used therapies were: acupuncture, relaxation and imagination.
During the treatments neurotical symptoms, sleeping-problems were all over, vision conditions became better and a sportman who arrived with lumbago and handstrain was healed too. We can consider as an outstanding result, that a patient who had an operation because of brain tumour and completely lost his vision two years ago started to partially regain his depth perception and chromatopsy. President of the Dripstone Club, who herself is a medical doctor too, lost her vision because of a cerebral embolism ten years ago and since that on she was living completely blindly. Thanks for the treatments, her vision started to become better: slightly regained her light/shadow perception and depth-perception.
The vision of a patient with glaucoma became much better. There were about 15-20 clients per evening. István Széchenyi treated everyone with great patience, devotion and love. He never sent anyone home - however he started the treatments at half past seven in the evening after a whole daywork - he treated everyone individually too, he was very kind with everyone. There was a very good atmosphere during the treatments lasting for five weeks. We were always listening to soft music. During the first two weeks we met every evening, later not so frequently.
Everyone regretted that the training ended and they asked István Széchenyi to stay with them. They wanted to expand this unique course, which became part of their life.
It never happened, that blind persons could participate in a such training without paying anything. Those who were present, not only enjoyed the courses but the therapeutists say too that „these persons became new persons”.
The slogan of the Dripstone Club of the persons with vision problems is not the voice crying in  the wilderness: „Gutta cavat lapidem” – Drop hollows stone."
Med. Dr. Adrienne Kádár
President of the Dripstone Club
Waking up from a bad dream
One of my clients was a 51-year-old woman who had lost her ability to work three years earlier because of alcoholism and its consequences (she was diagnosed with aethylizmus chr., hepatopathia alcoholica and bronchitis chr.). She retired on medical advice, and although she quit drinking she took a lot of pills on a daily basis (Andaxin -10-12, Rudotel - 3, Noxyron - 3, Peritol - 3, Tisercinette - 3).
She appeared in a very bad physical state in my Addictology Clinic. She told me that on her request she had received prescribed medicines from three doctors for four years (naturally she could not have got so many pills from one doctor).
On our first session I applied auricular Acudetox acupuncture paralel with classical, inactive hypnosis without sleep (with the aim of achieving a more relaxed state).  On the same day she took only one pill (Andaxin), and afterwards whe was totally drug-free. There were no withdrawal symptoms, and no more craving for drugs. In addition she could almost jump out of the crisis in which she had been stuck in.
In a month time she started working again as an apprentice.
The bad dream was over, she ’woke up’ and became active and open-minded, as if she was somebody else…
Budapest, 1994
Dr. István Széchenyi
Psychologist, acupuncture therapist 
I had double help to get rid of the crake of smoking: partly by the biological and physical effect of the acupuncture needles, partly by the spiritual power, radiated by the therapeutist, István Széchenyi.
Dr. Beatrix Bérdi, lawyer
August, 2004.
"My health condition was noticed by the doctors after a pulmonary screening in January 1999. There could be seen different size cysts in the upper and the middle lobes of my right side lung. I was taken to hospital in the second half of March 1999 and I was under treatment for three weeks with whole right side pneumonia and abscesses in my lung. After this I have met with the acupuncture. I was fully recovered by the help of acupuncture. First I went for treatment every day, later it was enough to have a redolent treatment once in every three month. I went for treatments regularly until June 2003 but after that I ignored the treatments because of my irresponsibility. My cysts inflammed again in the first half of April 2004, more over that they became abscessed and it was diagnosed that fungus can be  found in my cysts. In addition to that I spat blood, I had high fever, heavy coughing, so because of all that I got pneumothorax. This was followed by a two months long , "experimenting", in the hospital. I got 16 times drip ( 4*4), 12 times 0,2 dl; 9 times intravenous injection and a smaller handful medicine every day, which resulted that blood-red, pruritic urticarias appeared on all my body showing little signs of recovery. After that I was suggested to have an operation as soon as possible.
At this time I left this hospital and I visited other doctors and professors but they also suggested me the operation. In June 2004 I was scheduelled for a chest operation on the 5th of August which probably could have ment the ectomy of my right side lung. At this moment I started to go again for acupunctural treatments. I was treated twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. One month later I went for a medical control and it was diagnosed on the basis of the chest X-ray that my lung shows serious recovery, so I continued taking the acupunctural treatments regularly until the 5th of August. When I went for the operation the diagnosis showed that the pneumonia completely disappeared, the coats of the cysts became much thinner, and what is the more important, even traces of the fungus could not be found. At this step I told to the doctor that I took acupunctural treatments. He was smilingly refusing my claim and told me not to be stupid, it is not possible to treat the lung in that way. His opinion was that my recovery can be thanked to the good weather and my strong organism. But it is not important what he thinks about it. The great thing is that I am healthy without any operation. So I refused the operation on my own responsibility and left the hospital one day before the day of the suggested operation.
I still go for acupunctural treatments once a month. I had a control X-ray in January 2005 which showed which showed similar state as one year ago, the coats of the cysts hardly can be seen. Today it is the 8th of April 2005 and I am able to leave complete life, healthily.
Also I thank on all that for people who stood next to me to the end.
Thank you."
István Dajka

Application of ear acupuncture int he treatmnet of alcohol addicts suffering from tubercolosis: report about the results of the improvement.
Paul Zmiewski, pdD Dipl, Ac (NCCA)
For more informations please, contact the manager of our Health Center.

Ear Acupuncture Addictologist course in the Széchenyi Health Center
I have participated the course as a practising physician and ear acupuncturist. I was already familiar with addictology. The course can be understood by non-professional persons too. It gives a general picture not only about the addictology and auriculotherapy but also about relevant subjects (like psycho-therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, laser-treatment, etc.). The experiential part of the course is very important and useful, through which we can learn, how to pierce and we can taste the way of thinking of ear acupuncture treatment. Let me mention the familiar atmopsphere of the course, which is firstly due to the trainer. The course was very useful for me, because the above mentioned subjects gave me new theoretical and experiential knowledge.
Dr. Balázs Szabó, MD
7th of April 2005, Budapest

I participated the ear-addictologist course of the Széchenyi Health Center with a very strong resolution. I have already heard from the groves of natural treatment about the professional vocation and knowledge which can be experienced during the courses of the Szechenyi Health Center. We formed friendships, fellowships besides the professional knowledge we attained during the course - they exceed all my expectations.
Simply to describe everything what I  have experienced here : those who want to be professionals in this field of natural treatment, they have to start and continue here.
Thank you, István"
Dr. Csire Attiláné
 course student
"Thank you for the book, good job,   but it would be nice if you could mention the name of  each point on the external ear with all of the pictures and of course the funktion of points and wich kind of needle to be used ........."
Best wishes 
"Thank you for your letter and for your feedback. Please let me answer your questions which are otherwise dealt with on pages 12. and 114. of the book.
So: Ear acupoints can be stimulated by needles (longer or smaller – permanent - ones), ASP, small kernels, magnetic balls or by laser, electric impulses, etc.
The names of the points have been deliberately left out of the book - on one hand because it is not the name that heals, but the stimulation of the point. On the other hand those names are given differently in various acupuncture systems. Our system has been developed according to special practical needs of users, and their feed-backs are a proof that we have chosen the right way: therapists with and without much practice can either find the right points easily when treating different diseases with different point combinations.
At the same time my goal has also been to arouse interest towards deeper knowledge. So anyone who wishes to know the names and the meanings of the points (those points of course may constitute a kind of inner map in our brains after a while) can use our unique map of 191 ear acupuncture points together with a supplementary booklet describing meanings.
Furthermore we invite and welcome anyone who is interested in ear acupuncture to our courses, and also on request we are ready to hold seminars, courses, workshops on the matter.
Best wishes,
Dr. Istvan Szecheny
’Help!’   -   Soundless shout
I work in healthcare, in a cardiology ambulance.
At the end of a workday afternoon a colleague (a 49- year- old woman) having been on leave appeared suddenly.
I greeted her slightly surprised: ’Hello, how come that you are here?
’I just came to say hello, and I immediately leave’ she said laughingly, but was confused a bit.
 ’Wait a little until I finish here, then we can talk’, I offered.
 She said she could not wait, she was busy. Seemingly she wanted to go – or rather to flee… I sensed something wrong behind her confused smile.
I decided to get over with my work fast, and asked her to wait for me. I said I wanted her to help me with something that we had to discuss anyway.
After having talked to her for a while I saw much more clearly.
It turned out that she had got into a midlife crisis which she had thought to solve by a complete retreat – from life…
My usual evening tiredness disappeared suddenly when I realized she had had enough, and she did not want to carry on with her life.
Questions stomed in my mind: what can I do? To whom should I talk? May I talk to anyone at all? Any medicine….? Do I have time for that? How can I help?!
I felt one thing for sure: I should not let her go away alone in that state of hers, she must not be alone now.
I thought of my tutor and wished he could be here now. He could help for sure with his tranquilizing manners, with his knowledge. He would immidiately know which auricular point should be stimulated now… I tried to remember what I had learnt from him. As I had no time to phone him, I applied the acudetox five points combination after I persuaded my colleague that she should come to my place. She let me insert the needles despite her aversion and fear of needles.
We talked, and the poor creature could do nothing but complain about life, hopelessness and her compelling feelings about leaving life behind. The needles did their work in a very short time: I saw that her tension was easing, her muscles relaxed, the look of anxiety disappeared from her eyes. Her face became more harmonious, her eyes clearer.
After I took out the needles, she confided to me about her feelings:
’When I came to your place, I was very nervous and tense. Five minutes after you inserted the needles I felt I began to relax. It was a good feeling to weep, and my eyesight became better. After some relaxation in a lying position I could think more clearly. Now I know that I am important and I am loved!’
Three hours later, when I escorted her to the bus stop, she was peaceful. We knew that her problems could not be solved by me, but at least she was able to see the alternatives to suicide.
Next day I phoned her: ’How are you?’
’Very well, thanks’, she said, ’I calmed down, and believe it, or not, I have not smoked a single cigarette today! I simply do not feel like smoking. ’ Earlier she smoked two packets a day. She thanked me for helping her with a method, ear acupuncture, she had not even heard about earlier.
Two weeks later she told me she could discuss every sensitive issues with her husband, and that her 28-year-old marriage improved so that it became almost the same as it was at the very beginning.
Budapest, 08.12. 2008 
Dr. D. I. Auricular addictologist
’It was not just the tip of the iceberg that started to melt down…’
A 42-year-old lady  asked for help because she had felt tense and depressed over months then. Her self-esteem was low which was further lessened by some surplus kilos. Years earlier she lived through a period of deep depression as a result of a personal-emotional crisis when she was medicated by several drugs. She confessed she sometimes took more drugs than the prescribed amount, so she became addicted to those anti-depressants and tranquilizers. It was hard but she got rid of them and was drug-free for years. She accepted acupuncture readily just because it meant a drug-fee approach. An hour after the first Acudetox session she told me she felt strangely relieved and was not anxious about her tasks for the next day. She had a flower shop with some assistants about whose control and instruction she felt uneasy. She preferred to do everything she could by herself instead of giving direct instructions to them.
 After the treatment her anxiety ceased, she felt free and self-confident so much so that she implemented a new work order. Her feeling of hunger also decreased, so she could get rid of some kilos.
That case (just like the others) indicate to me that the 5-point acudetox method offers a broad spectrum of applications which complements my medical work very well.’
Budapest, 2007.     
Dr. Krisztina Pölös
Doctor, neurologist 
 ’ To be or not to be’
Crisis of a 28-year-old lady

’I treated a young lady whose first pregnancy was spontaneously interrupted not long ago. She had been living with her partner who did not want to allow her to work. That is why their relationship had come to a stop two months ago. She did not have a flat on her own.
 The young woman, who had been already very thin, lost several kilos and got depressed. For five weeks I treated her twice a week by Acudetox  protocol.
 Soon her feeling of helplessness ceased, she found work in Austria and at present is seeking a flat to rent – so has been planning her life again!
As she can eat normally again, she has gained two kilograms.’
Budapest, 2006
A student of the Acudetox course
 She believed her strength was in her scarf (instead of her hair…)
The 54-year-old woman’s husband died suddenly. He worked as an entrepreneur, the wife was a cleaning lady. Their son studied at a university. The wife and the son could not keep up the business, and they faced financial problems. The lady did not have any hope for the future. She hardly ate anything, and lost considerable weight. She said, she could not mourn, could not weep as she had no time for that. Medicines were prescribed for her which she took reluctantly despite her depressive state of mind.
I started Acudetox therapy with her. After the first session she felt relieved, went home and could weep which felt good. After the second one she quit taking her tranquilizers and wept again. After a while she did not take any medicines (with the consent of her doctor), she could eat again, and did not lose any more weight. Sometimes she cries, but it feels relieving. Now she looks as a happy lady, full of smiles.
After the husband’s death she used to wear a silk scarf around her neck whenever she left home (even in hot weather) as it felt good, she thought she gained some strength from it, it gave her some confidence. After the therapy sessions she quit that habit, and started to handle her problems. She has visions about her future in which she believes again.
April, 2008.  
Andrea Kapitány, auricular therapist
I lost my husband in March, 2007, following a sudden and widespread cerebral haemorrhage. As time went by I cried or was depressed in various ways because of mourning and everyday problems. When in a bad state I did not know if it would last days of weeks. On a bad day like that (when I was on a natural healing course) my tutor saw my condition and offered an auricular treatment. In a very short time I experienced an overall change: I was not depressed any more, I felt very well. When I got home in the evening I did not suffer a set-back, I remained calm, moreover, I was willing to fulfil my daughter’s wish and took her to shopping that had not been planned beforehand. I felt an usual calmness. I usually went to bed very late, but that day I could fall asleep before midnight. I slept well all through the night without waking up every now and then. I was so peaceful next morning, too, that even very bad mannered drivers could not drive me mad – I was neither overtaking them, nor using my horn.
Budapest, 2007.    
Zsófia Benkovits, Mrs. Horváth
Is there no hope?
I was asked by an acquintance to help her friend who is a depressed lady with five kids, a suicidal husband (who tried to kill himself twice) and without work. She weighs 135 kgs. Her joints in her knee and ankles were very painful. She could not sleep properly, and was in a state of utter hopelessness, she could not cope at all.
I started NADA 5 sessions with her. By our 12th meeting  she has lost 13 kgs, is able to sleep again. She is not hopeless any more, has less joint pains. She went for a job interview, learnt to smile again. Her life has changed.
She has to travel two hours in order to get auricular therapy, but she happily comes despite her 122 kg weight. As she says, she feels that all her aims got within her reach.
Klára Tarnóczy, Mrs. Brünner
auricular addictologist