Természetgyógyász tanfolyam esetén milyen időbeosztás felelne meg Önnek leginkább?
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Fogyókúra, Dohányzásról leszoktatás, Stresszoldás...

Fogyókúra, Dohányzásról leszoktatás, Stresszoldás...

Legyen egyensúlyban az Ön egészsége is! Fogyókúra, dohányzásról leszoktatás, stresszoldás és egyéb betegségek kezelése fülakupunktúrával.

MeriDiM® Meridián-Diagnosztika

MeriDiM® Meridián-Diagnosztika

MeriDiM® az integratív medicina szolgálatában. TÁRS a sikerhez!

Természetgyógyász Tanfolyamok, Szemináriumok

Természetgyógyász Tanfolyamok, Szemináriumok

GYEMSZI ETI vizsgára felkészítő és egyéb továbbképző szakmai tanfolyamok. Egészségügyi Alapmodul, Természetgyógyászati Alpamodul, Fülakupunktúrás Addiktológia, Továbbképző Szemináriumok

Webshop: auriculoterápia - könyvek, térképek, meridián-diagnosztika

Webshop: auriculoterápia - könyvek, térképek, meridián-diagnosztika

Nézzen be webshopunkba, ahol auriculoterápiával kapcsolatos könyvek, fültérképek, MeriDiM® meridián-diagnosztikai műszer és szoftver-modulok vásárolhatóak.

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The book entitled ’Ear Aucpuncture in Practice' – Suggested Therapies against Different Disorders’ has been published recently
In the book there are therapeutical protocol for 160 different disturbances, illnesses. Its unique feature is that instead of graphics, there are photos taken in a professional studio in order to help readers to localize the neccessary auricular points.
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LaughingWe happily greet our 1000th customer, a healer from Hawaii, who ordered our practical new book about auricular therapy (ear acupuncture) just now.

Enclosed we have forwarded an auricular map gratis!

We wish you good luck and successful work by the help of the book and the map!

Dr. István Széchenyi and the staff of Széchenyi Healing Center


Preface 9
Introduction 10
Theory of auricular therapy
Stimuli of auricular points and lines
Suggestions for therapy
Infectous diseases
Gastrointestinal problems
Pulmonary problems
Disturbances of the heart and circulation
Haematological problems
Urogenital illnesses
Problems of secretion
Locomotor disorders
Neurological and psychic illnesses 45
Surgical problems 57
Gynaecological diseases 62
Eye problems 68
Disturbances of ear, throat and nose 71
Skin-related problems 77
Eating disorders
Addictive disorders 83
Other diseases and therapies
Points and lines used most often
Clinical and personal experiences 99
Index No 1 (detailed content list)
Index No 2 (in alphabetic order) 123
summary 123


"First of all this book is unique as there is no other like this. Very importantly it is practical in a way that it can help professionals (medical and alternative therapists as well) immensely in their everyday healing work.
    Secondly, it may mean a very exciting alternative for everyone else who is interested in family or self-healing– a glimpse into the so far unknown. It is a means of therapy that could be within reach of all who want it. Readers are almost lead by hand due to the practical approach of the book.
    In case of ear acupuncture it is very appropriate to say that ’healers may act, but it is nature that heals’. The author has been gathering data and experience for 15 years now – he has been active as both therapist and tutor of ear acupuncture that is an indisputably valid and effective method of healing to almost all symptoms and illnesses. It is easy to learn how to activate our inner mechanisms in order to get over physical disturbances and help not just ourselves but others in need, too."

                        Dr. Elisabeth Rusznák
                        Medical acupuncturist


A unique ear acupuncture map with 190 therapy points are available from the 10th of February, 2008.  A professional photo with correct graphics nagivate auricular therapists and enable them to heal effectively.

Size: 660*600 mm
Price: 35 EUR 
NEW HANDBOOK!  ’ 191  Ear Acupuncture Points and Their Indications’
I inform you  with pleasure that a very important ear aucpuncture handbook  ’ 191  Ear Acupuncture Points and Their Indications’  has been published and is available from 15th of June.

It is a vital supplement to my formerly published  book (Ear Acupuncture in Practice) and the related auricular  map.  The new book consists of the names of the 191 ear acupoints (described by the map),  also  their meanings  and indications as well as the exact names of the 160 acupoint combinations included in the other book, Ear Aucpuncture in Practice.

 Price: 12 EUR






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